State And Local Tax Specialists Ensuring Compliance

Navigate the complexities of state and local tax burdens and compliance with strategies, ideas, and planning techniques offered by our SALT specialists.




Professional State And Local Tax Service Provider

Virtue CPAs provide individuals and businesses with comprehensive state and local tax strategies that help lower tax rates, minimize compliance risk and tax burden, and ensure compliance with all the different regulations.

Our dedicated state and local tax (SALT) professionals help businesses identify opportunities for tax savings, manage state and local tax burdens, stay up to date on evolving tax laws and rules, and provide tailored and accurate solutions to meet every business need.

We offer customized SALT services to handle unique SALT challenges faced by businesses and recommend accurate and favorable tax solutions to help businesses meet their objectives.

How We Can Support You with our State And Local Tax Services

Abandoned / Unclaimed Property

Abandoned/ Unclaimed

Income and Franchise Tax Compliance

Income And Franchise Tax Compliance

State and Local and Credits Incentives

State And Local Credits And Incentives

Payroll And Employment Tax Compliance

Personal Property and Tax Compliance and Consulting

Personal Property & Tax Compliance And Consulting

Sales And Use Tax Refund Study

Sales And Use Tax Refund Study

Sales Tax Compliance

State & Local Tax Controversy

State & Local Tax Minimization

State & Local Tax Minimization

Tax Incentives & Training Grants

Stay Compliant For Business Success with our SALT services