Logistics Dispute Resolution

At Virtue CPAs, we take ownership of your logistics disputes i.e. with shipping lines, trucking companies and warehouses. Our team of experts are well versed with nature of overall logistics related disputes and have great relationships with the logistics partners. We have developed a direct communication channel through constant communication with them. We have a proven track record in resolving disputes with logistics partners. We also serve our clients in negotiations of ad-hoc charges i.e. detention and demurrage, etc. to reduce costs. Not only does our logistics dispute resolution add to the clients bottom line but it allows them to dedicate their precious time towards managing their core business.

Our purpose is deeply rooted in delivering ongoing value, clearing Account Payable statements, matching them with vendors and customers, and facilitating payment clearances throughout the year. Our dedication to frequent reconciliation provides real-time updates on both Accounts Payable and Receivable, bridging the gap between accounting and tax filing processes for informed decision-making.

Why Work With Us for Logistics Dispute Resolution

Financial Insights
Comprehensive Financial Insights
Choose Virtue CPAs for comprehensive financial insights that go beyond routine reporting. Our services extend beyond the conventional, offering you valuable insights for informed decision-making. This holistic view of your financial health is crucial for strategic planning and growth, setting us apart from the rest.
Dispute Resolution Expertise
Dispute Resolution Expertise
Virtue CPAs is your reliable choice for dispute resolution expertise. We specialize in meticulous reconciliation of vendors and customer books, establishing a robust mechanism to promptly address discrepancies. Our commitment is centered around maintaining the integrity of your financial records and resolving issues efficiently.

Logistics Dispute Resolution Experts At Virtue CPAs

Paul Vyas

Paul leans on 11+ years of senior leadership experience working with Asian Fortune 500 companies, EU and US based multinational companies to advise his clients. He has extensive experience in accounting, tax compliance, corporate compliance, tax planning, finance and AI based solutions He is an industry expert in real estate, logistics, manufacturing, and Agri-tech companies.

He actively uses AI based technology to add value, beyond just the core services, to his clients. He is currently using industry leading AI tools to assist several logistics clients with accounts receivable aging and dispute resolution to improve cash flow.

He has two young children. He enjoys meeting with talk show change makers. He is an avid reader and enjoys listening to their podcasts when he is not exploring innovative ways to add value to his clients.


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